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This story is about someone help others. I hope you like it.(^_^)

It was one hot day in August. Megu had planned to go to the Tokyo Disneyland with her high school friends, and she was so ready to have a fun time. She stuffed her ticket for the admission, and money for food and souvenirs for her family and herself into her bag. She met up with her friends at the gate.

“Are you ready?” Megu asked her friends. “This is going to be awesome!”

They all went in. That is when she and her friends heard a crying girl’s voice. They wondered why she was crying because Disneyland is the most exciting place on earth! They turned around sideways and searched for the crying girl. They saw a whole pack of children and the flag that read, “The Great East Japan Earthquake.”

The Great East Japan Earthquake happened the year before and people were still recovering from all the damage the earthquake and tsunami had done. A lot of people from little children to elderly people lost their homes, jobs, families, and friends. This big natural disaster became a really painful memory that cannot be forgotten. Japanese people try to cheer and support each other by providing shelter and food.

The children who lost their homes and families were invited to the Tokyo Disneyland. The Tokyo Disneyland company thought it was a good idea to cheer them up with all kinds of attractions and a dream land. But it was not that easy. A little girl, about the age of 6, started crying while their group was walking into Disneyland. She once came to the Disneyland with her mom, who was drowned in the deep tsunami while saving her. The tour guide did not know what to do.

Megu and her friends wanted to do something to cheer the little girl and children up. Then a thought came to Megu’s mind. She checked her purse and saw a hundred dollar bill she brought to buy snacks and souvenirs.

“Hey,” Megu said to her friends, “I have an idea!”

She told the idea to her friends, who said they were willing to help her. They dashed to the nearest store they could find and bought tons of candies, ice creams, stuffed animals, toys, and all kinds of stuff with that money. They came back to the entrance with their arms full of stuff. Megu gave an ice cream and a tiara to a girl who looked confused but happy. The sad faces of the children disappeared while they were getting candies and all kinds of stuff they liked. Smiles were everywhere, even the people who watched Megu and the others handing out the stuff.

Megu and her friends played and rode roller coasters with the children afterward. They didn’t have any souvenirs to buy or snacks to eat, but Megu thought it was the coolest and most fun time in Disneyland she ever experienced. She thought making people happy and cheerful is the greatest feeling ever. She did not have money in the end, but it was worth it.


I wrote about big earthquake and tsunami in Japan, 2011-3-11.

2011 Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

In 2011 there was an earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I was 8 years old and in 2nd grade. I think I was at school. The earthquake happened at 2:46 pm. Iwate,Miyagi,and Fukusima got big earthquake and the tsunami.The earthquake had a 9.0 magnitude. It lasted 6 minutes. Before this earthquake there was a smaller one. Its magnitude was 7.2. Then the tsunami came. All the news channels showed the tsunami from the sky.

The tsunami’s height was in some places about 10 meters but in other places 40.5 meters (133 feet). It was a really big tsunami. 18,490 people were missing or dead.The earthquake and tsunami destroyed 400,684 buildings.

I don’t remember much about the earthquake, but my grandma told me she was riding the bus. She said it was really scary and she said the bus was shaking hard.

My sister,brother and I were hiding under the desk in our living room. We were watching the news and my grandma’s city was in the news because the tsunami came there. So I thought my grandma was dead. So I was crying. Then my mom came back home and I stopped crying. We tried to call my grandma, but we couldn’t get through to her because too many people were calling to check on family. We tried to call at night, and grandma answered the phone. So we felt relief.